HARD ATTACK are back!

Dr. Fellinger – guitar, lead voc. | Gino Destructo – bass, backing voc. | Tom Danger – drums, backing voc.

This is truly something that almost nobody would have expected to see in 2017. However, the political and social climate these days can only be seen as an invitation and motivation for a punk band to resurrect.

After having released two very well appraised records on Spiderweb Records, Hard Attack retired in 2005 leaving behind their last full length album „Greatest Hits“ and a huge number of contributions to various compilations worldwide.

Hard Attack had toured throughout Central Europe constantly since 2000 and shared the stage with a multitude of the genre’s major contemporary acts. The sound of the Munich area three piece may be described as a versatile mix of various 1990ies punkrock styles and a remarkable amount of hardcore influences.

That mixes up in its own outstandingly idiosyncratic and recognizable, powerful and resonant sound. The concurrence of smart and reflected lyrics, their interpretation in vocals, combined with galloping drums and sophisticated guitar work is just unique. Hard Attack were always known for their sincere punkrock attitude and their dedication to the scene. All that remains true even after many years of absence from stage and studio.

With their return Hard Attack have committed themselves to the motto: Older, not slower! Faxe Kids is the result of continuously improved songwriting skills and refinement of Hard Attack’s signature sound.

Watch out for new releases of the band to come and live performances in your area!